Mr. Phillip Kenline

Grade 7

Mr. Kenline joined the St. Stephen's faculty in 2014.  He is the 7th grade homeroom teacher and will be teaching Science to grades 5-8.  He will also be assisting with Math in grades 4-5.

He holds a BS in Biology and Secondary Science Education from SUNY College Buffalo State.  He also holds a NYS certificate in Biology for grades 7-12 and General Science for grades 7-12.  He is a member of the National Science Teachers Association.

Mr. Kenline was a substitute teacher for three years in Wilson Central Schools and a Navy Instructor for twenty years.


In your opinion. what is special about St. Stephen School?

In the brief time I've been here, there is a pervasive sense of family.  It is apparent among the faculty and staff, and became more evident when the children arrived for our first day together.


Why did you want to become a teacher?     

I enjoyed my experience working with adult learners in the Navy, and wanted to continue working with young people after leaving the service.  Having driven a school bus for half a year, I also realized that I would much prefer having the students in front of me than behind me in a large moving vehicle.


Do you have a specific goal to achieve through your teaching, a philosophy or desired outcome?

My goal as a teacher is to have students realize that learning at any age is an exciting experience.  Being a non-traditional student most of my life, I appreciate much more the things I learned through experiences.  I also hope that I help students understand that some of life's best lessons happen when things do not necessarily go as planned.  Failure, although it seems to have become something that some feel children should be sheltered from, can be a very important tool if a person realizes that there is something to be learned from the experience.  Helping them through these times is something I learned working with young Sailors as they adjust to the challenges of military life.


What are you most proud of regarding your teaching experience at St. Stephen's?

So far, I made it through the first day........


Do your students often participate in certain contests or receive recognition?

I'll be exploring ways for the students to do this. 


Is there anything else you would like to add about yourself?   

Married to Emily, 29 years, Three Children, Eric, Kimberly and Marcus