Foreign Language

The benefits of being bilingual in our society today are insurmountable!

Beginning in Kindergarten students are introduced to Spanish and continue learning through 8th grade.  The Kindergarten and 1st grade program is primarily taught through a video program, “Espanol Para Ti”, with lessons reinforced by the classroom teacher.   In second grade, students attend Spanish class once a week. Taught by the classroom teacher, the curriculum is mostly review of the video program that was utilized in Kindergarten and 1st grade.  Third grade students attend Spanish class once weekly and utilize a Spanish workbook called “Learning System”.  This workbook is used through 5th grade.  At the 3rd grade level students are encouraged to speak the language and to use a Spanish accent.  4th grade students attend Spanish class twice weekly.  Students begin to expand their vocabulary.  Students read the awarded novel Shadow of a Bull by Maggie Wochiewoski and learn about the tradition of bullfighting.  5th grade students attend Spanish class three times a week.  Students continue to expand their vocabulary and also learn where Spanish speaking countries are in our world.  Each 5th grade student is required to complete a detailed project about a specific country.   6th, 7th, and 8th grade students attend Spanish class daily.   6th grade students are encouraged to ask and answer questions in Spanish.  An important skill learned at this level is translating complex phrases and sentences from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.  7th grade students are encouraged to initiate and carry-on conversations in Spanish using a Spanish accent and correct pronunciation.  8th grade students are able to carry-on a simple conversation in Spanish.  They are encouraged to listen to Spanish music, watch Spanish videos, and to immerse themselves in the culture. 

Our students often score at a high level on High School placement exams enabling them to take Level 2 Spanish during their freshman year.