Mission & Values

St. Stephen School’s mission is to create life-long learners, empowered with a strong sense of Catholic values, who will become responsible, contributing citizens of our world, making it a better place for future generations.


Following Christ’s command “to go and teach”; St. Stephen’s School strives to provide an education steeped with the Church’s traditions and Gospel values. In an attempt to attain the highest level of achievement, academic instruction is designed to meet the needs of all learners by providing a solid foundation of fundamental skills, while gradually broadening their sphere of knowledge and expertise.

Recognizing that each child is a reflection of God’s image, St. Stephen School focuses on the individuality and developmental growth of each student. A strong support system affords students the opportunity and freedom to explore with confidence the world around them.

Our faculty and staff espouse policies and procedures that support students’ needs and exceed Diocesan and state requirements. The dedicated Pastor, nurturing teachers and enthusiastic parents share a strong commitment to Catholic education, which provides students with the courage and conviction to become intelligent, moral leaders in an ever changing society. Students form interpersonal relationships that reflect kindness, compassion and respect in a mutually supportive environment.